A 1999 graduate from Penn College, Owner Steve Phillips started Heidelberg Farms–a name he chose to honor his roots in Pennsylvania where everything is named ‘Heidelberg’–to bring safe and affordable alternatives to residential yard care in New Hampshire.

What we do
Heidelberg Farms specializes in organic lawn care and the custom application of compost, compost teas, and extracts. What this means is we use methods that repopulate, feed and stimulate high populations of diverse soil organisms. These organisms regulate every aspect of plant health, including soil fertility, nutrient cycling, residue decomposition, soil structure, and disease suppression.

How it works
An active and diverse soil food web will: suppress diseases, retain nutrients, reduce nitrate and phosphorus leaching and make nutrients available to plant roots in the right form at the right time during the growing season. It will also detoxify or decompose harmful substances like excess salts and chemicals, improve the structure of soils, increase water holding capacity, improve root depth and root health, and help maintain aerobic conditions.

Healthy soils are full of life. E.O. Wilson, the famous biologist at Harvard University, said, “Ants eat mites like popcorn.”

What organic lawn care can do for you
You can have a healthy, green and lush lawn and beautiful gardens without the use of harsh chemicals. You also will no longer need to overwater your yard or re-apply chemical fertilizers every few months to maintain what appears to be a healthy and green landscape.

By analyzing your soil and building a special compost mixture and organic amendments designed specially for your yard and plants, Heidelberg Farms can become your partner in environmental sustainability.