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Yes, it is hard to think about the summer when we still have piles of snow on the gorund. Wish it was gone? Well, not so fast, folks, because snow serves a role in aiding the health of our soil, which is what determines the health of our yard.

snowSnow as Mulch

Snow helps moderate temperature fluctuations underground. Without this kind of insulation, plant bulbs and roots could be harmed. Snow is a positive thing when it comes to our soil, so be thankful we have had some this winter.

Snow as Moderator

When there is snow on the ground, perennials are discouraged from growing on those odd days when temperatures soar and try to “trick” them into growing. We want this snow cover, because snow provides moisture to woody plants that would otherwise seek it from frozen soil on those unexpectedly mild winter days.

Snow as Food Source

Snow has sometimes been referred to as ‘poor man’s fertilizer,’ and there is more truth than poetry to that phrase. As snow falls from the sky, nitrogen attaches itself to snowflakes, which serve as natural fertilizer to plants.

Parting Thoughts
The fact is that snow serves many positive functions for our soil and plants. It can even help native seeds germinate. Snow provides a natural cooling period, which is a propagation condition known as stratification. Either way you slice it–or shovel it–snow is a good thing for the soil and the plants it helps to grow. 

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