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non toxic environmentRecently, we had a chance to connect with Diane Carpinone at Non Toxic 
Dover to discuss all things related to lawn care. You see, she is not only a 
client of ours, she is helping to spearhead some really exciting initiatives at 
Non Toxic Dover.

Read the latest press on our collaboration HERE.

In talking with her at her home, both of us got pretty excited thinking about the future. People are starting to become aware that what we do to our soil matters. Towns are starting to take notice. Organizations are starting to invest in organic landscape programs. People are starting to ask questions about their landscapers.

I think one of the biggest misconceptions out there is that people tend to think of organic folks as “granola” people without a whole lot of science to back things up. It is not true. Organic is science at its best. We use a microscope to analyze your soil and build treatment plans that reintroduce biological processes back into lawns and gardens.

For people like Diana, her fight is similar to ours except she is taking it right to town managers and civil agencies. She is educating towns and the general public about many of the same things we do with our clients. Together, I think we can do great things, because what can possibly be more important than a non toxic environment for your family? Learn more about Non Toxic Dover by clicking HERE.

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