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We all want a green yard. It looks nice. It makes us feel happy during our brief New Hampshire growing season. However, what price are we willing to pay? 

Lawn Chemicals

lawn chemicalsWhen people use lawn chemicals to “green” their yard up, they are risking not only the health of the planet, but the health of their families–and children.

There are all kinds of studies out there that link the use of lawn chemicals to cancers and nervous-system disorders. These are scientific, evidence-based studies. Children and the elderly are particularly susceptible.

Pesticides have been linked to cancer, birth defects, kidney damage, neurotoxicity, and even ADHD in kids. The threat is very real.

So why are we using lawn chemicals and pesticides?

The change in society’s perceptions regarding their lawns began to take place about 50 years ago. Dandelions and clover patches were seen as attractive at that point, but over the course of time a host of products popped up that target these “vermin.” Big box products heavily advertise, too, which has created a culture that promotes green lawns at all costs.

3 million tons

Yup. You read that right. 3 million tons. Of what? Inorganic fertilizers.  About 3 million tons of inorganic fertilizer are applied to American lawns each year. While nitrogen is needed for our lawns, the kinds that are used in synthetic fertilizers are generally processed from ammonia.

This ammonia is often mixed with urea and formaldehyde. So for those who use these products, it is a safe bet that is getting trapped onto kids’ shoes, brought inside the home–and the vapors are breathed in.

One billion pounds

Yup. You read that right. One billion pounds. Of what? Pesticides. The use of pesticides on U.S. lawns continues to increase.

According to the EPA, the ratio of pesticides used on U.S. lawns is ten to one when compared with U.S. agricultural land.  We–the American homeowner–have a chance to help save the world.

Have questions? Call Heidelberg Farms at (603) 501-9919. We just scratched the surface here.

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Together, we can make a difference.

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