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LawncareSteve Phillips, owner of Heidelberg Farms, is the type of person that doesn’t just blindly accept the status quo. Organic lawncare is a new way to approach the care taking of the living things around your home. He is a proponent of Soil Foodweb, a holistic lawn care style developed by Dr. Elaine Ingham.

Here’s the skinny: Your lawn is an ecosystem with every living thing playing an important role. Over the years (as in thousands), the organisms natural to your region have evolved in conjunction with one another. When we introduce foreign systems, like pesticides, it throws the entire system for a loop because it’s not something that belongs naturally. Soil Foodweb is the study of all of these organisms and how they work and live together to create a rich, natural lawn or garden.

With Heidelberg Farms, you can expect a commitment to excellence and an enthusiastic passion for the natural development or restructuring of your yard. Instead of trying to circumvent the system with fake growers or overnight ‘greeners,’ Steve will bring plants and organisms that are indigenous to the area, reintroduce native organisms and let the Earth take it from there.

Oft-times, people get frustrated when they put Product X from a Big Box Store on their yard–because in a month, it wears off and they’re back to square one. That’s not what Heidelberg Farms does. We’re in the business of getting your lawn back to its natural state. The Earth has been around far longer than we have and it knows itself better than we know it.

Let nature takes its course. Let Heidelberg Farms guide you—and at a pricepoint that will surprise you. Organic lawn care does not mean “expensive.” It means “long term solution,” and in the long run, you will SAVE money when you go organic.

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Beautiful-Backyards-Pictures-with-wooden-fenceWhat’s better than walking out onto your yard on a warm summer night with the sensation of plush blades of grass under your feet? In our opinion, not much. As Americans, not many things give us more joy than looking out and seeing a beautiful, well-manicured landscape surrounding our home. A lawn is an extension of you as a homeowner — it requires hard work, some sweat equity, and the know-how of how to keep it in top shape. Since the 1950s, when more Americans became homeowners than ever before, we have been taught that the best lawn care products need to be chock full of pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals — not necessarily the best thing to put on the living, breathing thing immediately outside our home, but one that was most effective.

But as we’ve evolved in our education of the world around us, so has our understanding of better lawn care. Heidelberg Farms was born from a love of being outside, taking care of the living things around your home and educating folks on how to better take care of their lawns. We’ve been doing this a long time, and there’s nothing we’d love more than to help you grow a better yard.

Organic Lawn Care: What is it?

You’ve most certainly been hearing the term ‘organic’ thrown around a lot lately — organic chicken, organic vegetables, organic growth. It’s quite simple — organically grown means it’s natural, and there are no pesticides or chemicals in it! It’s important when it comes to your body, and it’s definitely important when it comes to your yard. When we talk about organic lawn care, we’re talking about helping your yard and landscape ween itself off of products containing nasty chemicals and toxins.

We use things like fish hydrolysate and compost tea extracts to get your lawn looking beautiful. We can also throw around crazy lawn jargon and some stuff we use, but we’re here to simplify it for you! Your lawn consists of thousands of microorganisms, all needing key things to grow and work in harmony. When the soil is rich with nutrients, it’s going to help those flowers grow. When pesticide-free products are used, grass and plants aren’t hindered and can grow naturally. When you keep a keen eye on your yard and see things (like weeds or thatch) that aren’t supposed to be there, removal will help with the overall cycle.

For a free quote, call 603-501-9919 or message us on Facebook @ Heidelberg Farms.