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changing the worldOne of the best things—a healthy planet is THE best—is when a customer is happy with our services, which is what Heidelberg Farms is all about. What is even better is when a customer shares his/her experiences with us.

Recently, we had a chance to connect with Peter from Dover, NH—and he was happy to provide us with a snapshot of his experience.

In Peter’s words

“I have been particular about the look of my lawn for some time, always using a national company. The frustration came when I would watch them roll up and finish their $45 treatment in world class sprinter time often finishing my 1/2 acre lawn in a few minutes.  Then, when there were issues it was always more chemicals.  They never sampled my lawn to see what was going on under the ground.  It was just a quick look, nod and more chemicals.  

Enter my 5 grandchildren over the past 3 years and I wanted them to be able to sit safely on the back lawn without me worrying about the effects of all those chemicals.  Steve is passionate about the lawn, but even more so about the science behind how it all works together. The passion translates to a careful analysis of where the lawn is and a program that is actually designed to decrease in cost over time.  

Already, I have noticed that while there is not a ‘feel good’ almost immediate color change the next morning, there is a steady more long term health I can see coming to the lawn with his program. Besides passion, which is obvious once you meet Steve, he is a hard worker. No more quick laps around the lawn.  When he shows up, he is there for as long as it takes.  

He is very responsive to email questions with well thought out explanations. I can endorse him based on our short experience and my time speaking to Steve and those who work with him, something the green guys never were around long enough to do unless they were up-selling me on treating my shrubs or nuking my mosquito’s.”

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