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A Trip to the Doctor

Chances are you’ve never thought of organic lawn care and the human body in the same breath, but the similarities are more striking than one might think.

Say you’ve come down with some mysterious bacterial bug—sick enough to warrant a trip to the doctor. When he or she prescribes you medication, it’s likely not designed to target some area or organ of the body in particular. Instead, the medicine addresses the systemic issue underlying the symptoms.

That is, it treats and strengthens the whole body, rather than any one specific area.

In some ways, treating your lawn or yard is no different. While the temptation might be to mask the blights or problem areas (call it “the cough syrup solution”), a healthy “body” begins with the treating the system—the soil, in this case.

Supporting the System

At Heidelberg Farms—one of over 500 Organic Land Care Professionals accredited by the NOFA Organic Land Care Program—we start by taking stock of what makes your lawn tick.

The ground contains millions of microorganisms, all of which play a role in making sure the soil is healthy enough to support the botanicals above. Once we know how your yard works, we use a combination of plants, composts, and other organic methods to encourage the soil’s inner (and often hidden) potential.

Just as bad eating habits lead to health issues in humans, using harsh chemicals and fertilizers can take your lawn years to recover from. The good news is it’s never too late for a health kick—for you or your yard!

New Yard’s Resolution

We New Englanders are lucky to have some of the most diverse plants and botanicals anywhere in the country. Rather than making your yard look like everyone else’s in the neighborhood, try something different, and let the lawn be what it’s always wanted to be: healthy, happy, and teeming with life!

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