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As summer begins to wind down and we move into fall, the topic of chemical lawns is still a critical one for our families and environment.

Everything we do to our lawns and gardens comes at a cost. Some of us might overlook the fact that the chemical agents used to “green thumb” your lawn affect the delicate ecosystem.

chemical lawnWhen an ecosystem is damaged or thrown out of whack, though, it can take years to rectify. The damage done affects more than just micro organisms in your soil that you don’t see, it also impacts plants, bees, flowers, birds, trees, and much more. Take this into consideration when you are about to unload a new round of chemicals onto your lawn.

Working with an organic landscaper

If we work with the all-natural checks and balances system nature has generously established, then we can begin to reverse the negative effects done to our ecosystem and environment. Once we replace the chemical substances with an organic method, the entire mini-ecosystem of your yard will be much more sustainable.

Invest in the land. Richer soil producers much healthier fruit and crops, which will ultimately result in us being healthier and feeling more energized. What we do to our lawns and gardens speaks volumes about our values and commitment to creating a better, healthier earth.

The impact goes far beyond only affecting you. Chemicals in our environment that start from our lawns and gardens will have an adverse affect on your family’s future generations. The change starts with you to make a healthier, smarter choice today. Do something the future earth will thank you for tomorrow!

Can’t afford an organic lawn care program? Are you sure? Is it ever too late to start reversing the harm? It is not as expensive as you think–And besides, can any of us really afford to not make an investment in the earth around us? What about our kids? Click HERE to learn more about our organic lawn care program.

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