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The Carbon Conundrum

carbon footprintAs the devastation wrought by hurricanes Harvey and Irma puts climate change back in the national conversation, the sheer magnitude of how to lower our collective carbon footprint makes it easy to feel overwhelmed.

“Sure, I can buy more green and organic products, maybe drive a little less” the thinking goes. “But how much of a difference can I really make?”

As it turns out, one big change you can make—one not a lot of people think of—is sitting right outside your window.

While reducing our dependence on fossil fuels can go a long way in lessening the amount of carbon in the air, we can also work towards putting it back where it belongs: in the ground.

Whether you know it or not, your yard has the potential to be its own mini carbon trap. All that’s needed is a little up-front investment and some expert advice.

How Heidelberg Can Help You Be More Carbon-Neutral

At Heidelberg Farms, organic lawn care is about so much more than a single approach or program. It’s a way of looking at the world—even a way of life. We believe the Earth is connected in deep and intricate ways, and that humans have enormous potential to be stewards of that dynamic.

What better place to start than your own yard?

By deploying a biodiversity of plants, beneficial organisms, and 100% organic products, Heidelberg Farms can help turn your property into a healthy, carbon-capturing machine. The result is a beautiful, natural yard that helps the planet—around the clock, and throughout the calendar.

Once we’ve instituted our comprehensive, holistic program, there is no shortage of things you can do to help maintain your yard’s environmental integrity. Thankfully, the Northeast Organic Farming Association has a number of helpful tips for the novice green-thumb. These include:

  • Plant your lawn with diverse species.
  • Mow, cut back, and/or heavily mulch over weeds instead of pulling.
  • Incorporate multi-layer, perennial, diverse plantings into your yard.
  • Compost, rather than burn, your yard waste.
  • Plant nitrogen fixing cover crops and living row paths.

Heidelberg Farms is committed to helping your yard achieve optimal health and wellness, giving you a beautiful piece of property and—more importantly—a peace of mind in having helped bring balance back to our shared planet.

Have questions about the benefits of organic lawn care? Call Heidelberg Farms at (603) 501-9919.

Heidelberg Farms serves southern NH, Maine and northern Massachusetts.

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