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Even if you have no clue what constitutes green lawn care, if you’re reading this, chances are you have a pretty good idea what “organic” means.

organicNo pesticides or harsh chemicals; hormone-free; USDA-certified: You know the basics. But while buying organic has never been easier (or more cost-effective), adopting a truly green lifestyle can feel daunting—especially when it comes to bigger investments like, say, turning your yard into a haven of organic goodness.

Never fear! Heidelberg Farms is here to help, with the five biggest reasons why you, wonderful blog-reader, should switch to a better, greener lawn care approach:

1. It’s a great way to lower your carbon footprint—Heidelberg Farms uses a plethora of plants, microorganisms, and organic products to strengthen your yard’s biodiversity and trap more carbon. Even when you’re asleep, your yard is doing its part to heal the planet. If that doesn’t help you rest easier, what will?

2. No more harmful chemicals and pesticides—They say you are what you eat, but you’re also the land you live on. So what would you rather be exposed to: nasty chemicals that are known to cause wide-ranging health problems, or organic materials taken straight from Mother Nature herself? Exactly!

3. Sharing the gift of green—Once you see just how lovely your yard can be, you can take pride in sharing your experience with friends and family. It doesn’t get more “Think Globally, Act Locally” than that! Heck, you can even send them this link! 

4. Your wallet will thank you—While cheaper up front, traditional lawn care techniques require regular maintenance, not to mention more watering. We set your yard up for long-term success, which actually reduces overall costs.

5. It looks beautiful—Plastic green lawns are soooo 1980s! At Heidelberg Farms, we work with your yard’s unique biochemical profile to strengthen and detoxify the soil. Stronger roots and better water-holding capacity mean healthier, more robust grass and plants. You live in New England; let your lawn live there, too!

Heidelberg Farms is committed to helping your lawn be healthier, happier, and greener—in more ways than one. Have questions about the benefits of organic lawn care? Call Heidelberg Farms at (603) 501-9919.

Heidelberg Farms serves southern NH, Maine and northern Massachusetts.