Kelp Meal – 12 lb Pail



Neptune’s Harvest Organic Kelp Meal Multi-Purpose Plant Food



Neptune’s Harvest Organic Kelp Meal 1-0-2


Neptune’s Harvest Organic Kelp Meal Multi-Purpose Plant Food is a natural and cost effective enhancement to any soil fertilization and conditioning program! It adds organic matter to your soil to enhance healthy root growth, and helps your lawn retain moisture and stay healthy and green, even through drought periods.


Suitable for all crops and applications, Kelp Meal contains minerals, carbohydrates and amino acids, and can be mixed with most soil conditioners and fertilizers. It can also be incorporated into potting soils, composting material, and seed and transplant beds. Neptune’s Harvest Organic Kelp Meal consists of Ascophyllum Nodosum, which is widely recognized as one of the finest marine plants available for agriculture today.



For gardens, till the Kelp Meal in as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring. For perennial crops, apply at the end of dormancy. Mix thoroughly with the soil or growing media, taking care not to apply in concentrated form directly to the roots. To apply as a soil conditioner for fruit groves, ornamental trees, lawns and turf, apply directly as a top dressing.


Neptune’s Harvest is the leading manufacturer of fish hydrolysate fertilizers in the U.S. Their organic fertilizers have outperformed chemical fertilizers in University studies.




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