EM-1 Bokashi Food Waste Recycling System



Includes 5 lbs Rice Bran Bokashi and two 5-gal Fermentation Buckets




TeraGanix EM-1 Bokashi Food Waste Recycling System

is a Japanese term that simply translates to “fermented organic matter.” This environmentally safe composting method uses groups of microorganisms to anaerobically break down old food into compost, and is widely used because of its convenience, efficiency, and benefits.


The simple method TeraGanix has designed will introduce you to an entirely new way to recycle all of your food wastes, including meat and dairy. This food waste recycling system allows you to start your own composting project at home, quickly and easily.


Simply add any food waste to the bucket or fermenter, coat with Bokashi bran, and cover tightly. Living cultures will ferment any waste and remove foul odors. Once finished, your waste can be safely buried as a wonderful soil conditioner, and the liquid from the Deluxe EM bucket can be used to fertilize and encourage garden and indoor plant growth.


This convenient, compact, and affordable starter package includes everything you need to get started:


5 lbs Bokashi, 2 Buckets, and 2 Flexible Bucket Lids.

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