Organic Lawn Care in the Fall

organic lawn care
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Feel the chill in the air yet? Okay, we don’t feel it either, but it is August and definitely time to think about your game plan for this fall.

Test your soil
There is still plenty of time for plants and flowers to grow, so testing your soil makes sense. Heidelberg Farms tests soil and we can collect samples from your property.

Plant some grass seed
Late summer and fall is a fantastic time to plant grass seed. A soil test will help you and us determine what kind of seed is best for your lawn.

Mixing seed with compost is a great strategy as is adding topdressing, which is an application of manure or fertilizer to the surface layer your soil/lawn. Try clover seed, which adds nitrogen to your soil.

Plant some perennials
Fall is a wonderful time to get some trees and shrubs into the ground, as cooler temperatures encourage root growth. Mulching new plants is important, too, as is adequate water in those first couple of weeks.

Compost it
Choose a site that is convenient for you and start a compost pile. Choose a site that is shady with good drainage. You can build a compost bin or purchase one.

Compost piles should be well-ventilated, turned regularly and possess a diverse mix of “brown” and “green” materials. Brown materials should include leaves, straw, pine needles, cardboard while green materials include grass clippings, manure, and food waste

Call us
Heidelberg Farms serves southern NH, Maine and northern Massachusetts. We are among over 500 Organic Land Care Professionals throughout the Northeast and beyond that are accredited by the NOFA Organic Land Care Program.

We take our role as land stewards very seriously and appreciate your consideration. We care not just about your lawn, but you! Call us at (603) 501 9919!