Going Organic: From Shopping Choice to Public Health Issue

From Choice to Voice

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We talk a lot about the importance of making greener choices, particularly as it relates to organic, pesticide-free lawn care. It might cost a bit more up front, but it’s far healthier—and cheaper—in the long run.

But what happens when the demand for green shifts from the marketplace to the public sphere?

The people of South Portland, Maine are about to find out.

Beginning May 1 of 2018, residents will no longer be allowed to use synthetic pesticides on their properties. At a recent city-sponsored meeting at South Portland High School, dozens of residents came out in support of the measure. 

The Hidden Harm of Pesticides

One of the speakers at the event was Jay Feldman, the National Director of Beyond Pesticides, who brought up an important point: It’s not just the active ingredients in pesticides that are harmful. Natural metabolites, many of which companies are not required to disclose, can also become dangerous once they mix with water, air, or other living organisms.

South Portland is far from the first city to ban pesticides. Still, the ordinance speaks to a growing trend across the country, where going green and organic is as much about citizen action as it is consumer choice.

When it comes to lawn care practices that are harmful for both people and the environment, voting with your voice is just as important as voting with your wallet—if not more so.

Being Part of That Voice

We at Heidelberg Farms are proud of the products and services we offer. We are one of over 500 Organic Land Care Professionals accredited by the NOFA Organic Land Care Program—a wonderful citizen-action group in its own right.

For our industry, going organic means never using harsh chemicals. But it’s also about the things we do use, like 100% certified composts, compost teas, and extracts, using the life cycles of organisms within the soil as a way of keeping your lawn beautiful and healthy. 

By understanding the unique biodiversity within your soil, we’re able to build custom compost mixtures to help your yard to not merely survive, but thrive—sustainably.

Have questions about the benefits of organic lawn care? Call Heidelberg Farms at (603) 501-9919.

Heidelberg Farms serves southern NH, Maine and northern Massachusetts.