An Affordable Organic Lawn Care Program

All of our work starts with the soil. For us, understanding as much as possible about the environmental conditions within your landscape, including your family’s use as well as aesthetic expectations, are vital to creating a successful maintenance program. As you’ll see, our organic lawn care programs are continuously adjusted to meet the needs of your landscape systems.

Restoring and maintaining the natural nutrient cycling system is at the heart of Heidelberg Farms’ From the Roots Up! organic lawn care programs. The benefits of this approach include improved nutrient and moisture availability and retention, disease suppression, aeration, and degradation of harmful pollutants achieved without chemical or synthetic methods.

What can you expect from our organic lawn care program?

Nutrient Retention: Beneficial organisms keep nutrients in the root zone, by preventing leaching Leaching happens when nitrogen and other nutrients from the soil are washed away as in synthetic fertilizers. This stops nutrients from contaminating the water table, another important benefit.

Nutrient Availability: The symbiotic relationship between bacteria, fungi, and roots helps plants access micronutrients from the soil. Protozoa feed on the bacteria and fungi, releasing a form of the nutrient easily absorbed by the plant. An organic program focuses on building up the soil life needed to optimize nitrogen and nutrient cycling.

Moisture Retention: Organic matter retains water in the root zone long enough to be taken up by plants, dramatically reducing the need to water. Reduced irrigation saves money and more environmentally sound.
Pest and Disease Control: Beneficial nematodes and fungi protect the roots of plants from disease-causing organisms waiting to attack.

Aeration: organisms aerate and give structure to the soil by creating space for air water and roots. Beneficial organisms help to create the soil conditions to grow strong healthy plants.

Breakdown of Pollutants: healthy soil includes organisms that consume a wide range of pollutants and safely destroy them.

Call Heidelberg Farms at (603) 501-9919 or fill out our contact form. We cannot wait to work with you!

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