Water Quality and Organic Landscapes

Given the past few years with droughts followed by big storms that bring us too much, water quality is more important than ever.

Water Quality and Organic Landscapes

One important thing to realize, though, is that water is not as abundant as we might believe. Several families in my local area in NH lost their wells this past summer. Almost all local towns have had a water ban and may likely enter into this season with one as well.

To learn more about where and how much water we have on the earth, check out this link from the United States Geological Survey

Whether from rain, car washing or watering the lawn, water runoffs across the land pick up a ton of contaminants, including oil and sand from roadways, chemicals and nutrients from landscapes and other toxic materials. This runoff finds its way into waterways—either directly or through storm drain collection systems.

Ways you can help the environment and improve water quality

You can conserve water, dispose of hazardous waste properly and garden in an environmentally responsible manner. It all adds up.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Open spaces can be used as buffers to protect wetlands, streams, and ponds. Reducing lawn area that is not used for recreation.
  • Water quality is enhanced when impervious surfaces such as streets, driveways, and pipes are minimized.
  • These areas, if properly managed, can provide wildlife habitat with the three basic requirements of shelter, food, and water.
  • When linked to other existing open areas, these areas can serve as wildlife corridors and unfragmented wildlife preserves. Get your neighbors involved, too!

Organic landscapes and our health

Soils higher in carbon can protect groundwater and prevent pollution. Antibiotics, antidepressants and birth control are now found in drinking water at alarming rates. By managing your property organically, planting trees, reducing compaction and not exposing bare soil, you can prevent the loss of—and increase—soil carbon. By protecting the earth, you can better protect you and your family and improve water quality.

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