Why Topdress with Organic Compost?

Most soil has less than 2% organic matter in it, which is why adding a layer of topdressing with organic high-grade compost can be so crucial. Regular applications of topdressing will improve your soil by helping it retain water and increase aeration and root development. The goal is to get your soil to contain at least 10% organic matter.

Topdressing with organic compost with Heidelberg Farms

Heidelberg Farms uses specialty equipment (http://www.ecolawnapplicator.com) to apply approximately 1/4’” of compost, new lawn seed and other organic amendments like Neptune’s Harvest Crab Shell.

As we spoke about last week, compost consists of biologically diverse organic matter and contains a full spectrum of essential plant nutrients that will make your lawn healthy and less prone to diseases. Topdressing works by imitating nature’s natural cycles—this is the key point we hope you can take away here.

The larger implication from all this is that nutrient-poor soils are unable to produce healthy food. In fact, did you know that more than 2 billion people suffer from micronutrient deficiencies? Soil is quite literally the foundation for our nutrition—and so while topdressing with organic matter may seem unnecessary, it is quite necessary. It can actually play a role in helping restore balance to the earth.

Have plans to really kick up your game next spring? Call Heidelberg Farms at (603) 501-9919. We use specialized pieces of equipment to install compost over existing turf. We begin by using topdressing several times in the introductory phase followed by a compost tea application. All of this will help to establish a soil food web, a biological system that can take play a role in caring for the earth and for us.

Have questions? Call us at (603) 501-9919. An informed consumer is our best client!

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