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waterWater is not a never ending resource we wish. An ecological approach, though, can help keep your yard at its best through the storms when we have too much rain and in droughts when we don’t have enough.

Follow these Water Saving Eco-Tips from Heidelberg Farms to protect this valuable resource.

  • Reduce lawn size with a meadow of beautiful deep rooted perennials
  • Use native plants that are better adapted to our environment.
  • Mulch bare soil and use compost to increase water retention.
  • Water slow and deep early in the day when needed.
  • Plant a rain garden to collect water and prevent runoff.
  • Store H2O in a rain barrel or large collection tank for later use.
  • Match plants to the conditions they prefer.
  • Use permeable paving for walkways to increase drainage and reduce runoff.

Heidelberg Farms would love to work with you on your next project.

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