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It might be winter, but things are really starting to pick up at Heidelberg Farms, as we look to branch out across the Seacoast and beyond to start reversing the harm of chemical lawn care products. Education is key, as many people simply do not understand the harm that can be done to our environment when we use chemical agents to ‘green’ up our properties.

Reversing the Harm

reversing the harmThe damage to the surrounding ecosystem is staggering and can take years to rectify. For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction—and we are not just talking about the organisms in the soil. We are talking about the impact we create for butterflies, birds, bumble bees, trees, plants. Everything we do to our lawn and gardens comes at a cost.

If we do things organically and all-natural, we work with the built-in checks and balances nature has created and can begin reversing the harm. The catch is that it takes longer to affect any changes—but once these changes take place, the entire mini-ecosystem of your yard will be much more sustainable.

Listen, I know we are negatively impacting the earth in some ways. I drive a truck and I heat my home with oil. The question we must ask ourselves, however, is what can we do to lessen our impact and reduce our carbon footprint? Is it reversing the harm?

How we treat our lawn and gardens is a great indicator as to our level of commitment to not just the environment, but our very health. The rich and vibrant soil is the lifeblood of this earth. It produces healthier foods and us, in turn, feel much better as a result. If we invest in the land, it will pay it forward to us.

Looking ahead, Heidelberg Farms is starting to build a network of like-minded folks, people who are as committed as we are to the environment and our role as stewards. We give talks in libraries and other public spaces. We even plan to work with kids in several locations later this year.

Can’t afford an organic lawn care program? Are you sure? Is it ever too late to start reversing the harm? It is not as expensive as you think. And can any of us really afford to not make an investment in the earth around us? What about our kids?

Have questions? Call Heidelberg Farms at (603) 501-9919. Together, we can do our part to help keep this world a beautiful place.

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