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Are you considering organic care for your lawn or garden but are on the fence about it?

pesticide A major factor to consider when making this decision is your own personal health. Synthetic pesticides have long posed a public health concern, but is it a concern that you’re taking seriously?

It may be beneficial to take a step back and take a look at who is taking the concern seriously.

Many communities nationwide are taking the concern so seriously that they are banning these pesticides.

One such community in Heidelberg Farms territory is the city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which recently adopted what it believed to be the state’s first ban on the use of “synthetic toxic pesticides” by a municipality.

Instead, the city will now use organic products on city sidewalks and in city parks.

The decision came after public concern about the safety of non-organic products. The city is also organizing a public outreach campaign to “encourage the reduction and elimination when possible of the use of synthetic toxic pesticides on private property.”

In addition, Non Toxic Portsmouth, a recently formed nonprofit, is also hoping to contribute to the public education campaign and is looking to hold three to four educational seminars between now and the start of summer.

While Portsmouth’s municipal ban was a big step for that community, the city of Portland, Maine took things a step further with an outright ban on synthetic pesticides, which prevents residents from using the chemicals on their lawns. It is believed to be one of the strongest anti-pesticide ordinances in the country with noncompliance resulting in potential fines ranging from $100 to $500.

These are some pretty big steps taken by these communities and a sign that they are taking pesticide concerns seriously.

Are you ready to make a change?

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