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Winter is definitely on its way, so here are some tips on how to prepare your lawnmower for winter.  

Drain your gas  

The ethanol in our gasoline attracts condensation, which causes gasoline to mix with water—especially during the winter when a mower sits for a long time. Ethanol is also corrosive and can damage your mower’s carburetor.  

While you could try a fuel stabilizer, there is no real consensus that they work. Be safe rather than sorry and drain your gas.

Drain the oil

Use a siphon pump and you will get most of the oil our of your mower. Of course, there is always a drain plug somewhere, too, but siphoning out most of the oil will at least make less of a mess for you.

Don’t forget to wear gloves, too. Oil is not good for us.

Clean or replace the air filter

You can either bang it out on your driveway or clean it with an air compressor. If it looks really bad, just spend the few bucks needed to replace it.

Clean your spark plug 
We sometimes forget about the spark plug, but the mower really won’t run right if it is all fouled up. Clean it with a wire brush or replace as needed. This is a simple, but sometimes overlooked step.

Check your blade

A dull blade not only does a poor job cutting your lawn, it can actually damage the blades of your grass. It is actually really important to a look at your blade and either sharpen it or replace it.

For safety purposes, disconnect your spark plug and wear gloves.

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