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The family yard is an important part of your living space and could actually be considered as an extension of your home, a type of outdoor room. Families enjoy having an attractive and relaxing yard that frequently serves a number of purposes including having a fun, happy and safe spot for you and your four-legged best friend

The first step is to recognize the importance of understanding that dogs and other pets can be adversely affected by chemicals that are used on your lawn and garden. Be responsible with all chemicals and closely follow the directions and restrictions listed on the containers. The labels of many herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers list dangerous reactions which cause health risks to dogs and other pets when exposed to chemically treated lawns. Studies have noted some chemical applications can travel to adjoining properties up to 50 feet away. 

It’s a Dog’s Yard

Dogs are exposed to lawn chemicals simply by running, playing, ingesting and inhaling the products. The poisonous chemicals cling to the dogs’ fur and paws and are carried into your home. Studies have found innumerable dangerous health effects ranging from gastrointestinal upset, seizures, cancer and in some cases eventual death. Same as is frequently noted for human populations, the young puppies, older dogs and dogs with medical concerns are most susceptible to chemical exposure. It is important to wash your dog’s paws and minimally wipe the fur before the dog enters your house. The obvious way to avoid all of these concerns is by using an organic lawn care system that uses natural products that are safe for the environment and all living creatures. [wysija_form id=”2″]

Once you are on your way to establishing a healthy yard for your dog, the next step is to start paying attention the positive features that already exist. Also, note the habits that your dog has already established in the yard. The dog’s routine will help to identify the areas where your dog likes to travel, rest and dig. Dogs being dogs, they develop patterns and establish a personal comfort level in their environment. Sometimes it is best to allow the dog to choose preferred areas for digging or resting in the shade. Accommodations can be made without infringing on the human members of the family. 

Digging boxes filled with sand can be built if necessary, but it is often difficult to coerce your dog into wanting to dig in that specific area particularly if he has established an area that he considers his turf. It mostly depends on the temperament of the dog. Sometimes it is easier to rearrange the yard instead of trying to change instinctive behaviors. Another consideration that all members of the family can equally enjoy is a water feature such as a small pond or pool for cooling off in hot weather. Also important, are having some shady spots created by structures and suitable shade trees where everyone, including your pets, can stay cool and sheltered from the sun. 

When looking at a basic landscaping plan for your yard, attractive landscape elements can be incorporated that add to the pleasure and enjoyment of family time spent outdoors. Many flowers and plants can serve a dual purpose of being not only beautiful but can act as a natural repellent for fleas and insects. Please note that these plants will not kill an already established flea infestation on your dog. Many herbs, such as sage, lavender, and rosemary are not only flavorful culinary additions but have a pleasant scent that will cling to your dog’s fur. Sometimes the herbal scents can be so intoxicating that they take on a relaxation aura all by themselves. The scent of chrysanthemums, marigolds, and other flowers can work as known repellents and help create an attractive border in your yard. Carefully research any plant additions to your landscape and always avoid plants that are known to be toxic or invasive. If after all this planning, areas of your yard still need to be protected, consider using attractive fencing, rock walls or other natural boundaries to assist your dog in respecting certain areas of the yard. 

Creating an aesthetic relaxing outside haven that provides many enjoyable days ahead is a healthy valuable addition to your home. For most dog owners, having a perfect yard is secondary to creating a comfortable outside area where all members of the family can relax and enjoy nature.

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