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Ten Reasons to Compost

  1. Compost builds soil and microbial ecologies. The US loses about 3 tons of topsoil per acre annually.
  2. Compost reduces watering. It makes a great mulch to prevent evaporation and also holds moisture. In fact, a 5% increase in organic material (compost) can increase the amount of water absorption capacity by four times. Compost encourages healthy, strong root systems compost in plants, holding, even more, water and decreasing run-off.
  3. Compost promotes biodiversity. Using compost in our soils adds to the diversification and sustainability of many life forms. From birds to bacteria, fungi to insects and worms, Works with nature for healthier plants and animals supported by a diverse ecosystem
  4. Compost eliminates the “need” for chemicals by reducing weeds, pests, and disease. Compost can help suppress plant diseases. It provides essential organic matter for the soil, which is of fundamental importance to its health, vitality, and fertility.
  5. Compost reduces landfill waste. A recent estimate from the Environmental Protection Agency predicted that up to one-fourth of all landfill waste could have been thrown into the compost. It’s amazing to think that a quarter of our waste could be turned into nutrient-rich soil. And that leads us to the next reason why we should compost.
  6. Compost reduces erosion. Adding compost to soil prevents it from eroding. When soil erodes, our water sources become threatened, as polluted, highly pesticide and fertilizer-laden soil turn to run-off into lakes, streams, and ponds.
  7. Compost leads to better nutrition. Healthy soil=healthy plants=healthy people – JI Rodale. Beneficial bacteria support healthy immune function. Plants grown in healthy, nutrient-rich soil tend to have higher nutritional content.
  8. Compost saves money. Soil gains value while less time and money are wasted fertilizing and spraying toxic pesticides.
  9. Compost cleans the air. Composting lowers a number of warming gasses created by organic material in our landfills. The EPA estimates that landfills are the single biggest emitters of toxic methane gasses. If everyone composted, methane levels on our planet could be reduced drastically!
  10. COMPOSTING IS FUN! Incorporating composting into our daily lives is a great way to spend more time outdoors, connect with our food, and cooperate as a family. It can be work, but it can also be fun!

Read another blog on why you should be using it in your yard. Have questions? Call Heidelberg Farms at (603) 501-9919. Together, we can do our part to help keep this world a beautiful place.

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