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It is hard to believe, but another year has passed, which means we all have a chance to turn the page and begin changing the world in 2017.

Yes, you heard right. Let’s change the world. Let’s eat healthy and reduce the toxins in our bodies. Let’s take time for ourselves and this beautiful earth we call home.[wysija_form id=”2″]

Honestly, I know it is easier said than done for many of us. We are all programmed in a way. We take pills when we are sick, use chemical fertilizers when we need to ‘green’ up our lawns. We consistently overlook the causes of many of our issues and instead just treat the symptoms. All the while, we pray we won’t need more products to treat the side effects. Wow, what a merry-go round.

Changing the world in 2017

changing the worldOkay, I am just a lawn care specialist—I get that! However, how we take care of our lawns and gardens and especially the soil can have a tremendous impact on the earth. People want a nice lawn, and that is okay. How people go about it is often detrimental, which is why Heidelberg Farms needs to educate as many as possible. Often times, people really do not know that what they are doing in their yards is ruining the world beneath their green grass.

Heidelberg Farms offers a safe natural way to care for our lawns and gardens. For many people, their own yard are the place where they spend a lot of time connected to ‘nature.’ Let’s enhance this connection and manage the landscape organically. Together, we can build a ‘biological system’ or ‘soil food web’ that is safe for pets and family and begin changing the world.

Moreover, we can plant native plants for wildlife and include food plants for humans in a way that has curb appeal and does not take away from the recreational benefits of having a yard. Here is the Heidelberg Farms formula: Healthy soil=healthy people=healthy planet.

It is simple, right? For 12,000 years, the planet was in a very stable climate, soils were healthy, humans were able to evolve and flourish, civilizations grew. We are honestly in danger of really messing up on our planet, but we are developing the science and vision to improve how we interact with our environment.

Changing the world in 2017 begins with us. It begins with a choice and then action. Stay tuned for an exciting year in 2017 with Heidelberg Farms. Sure, we want new customers. What we really want, though, is to change the world.

Let’s do it! Have questions? Call us at (603) 501-9919.

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