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Whether a cat lover or not, you are probably aware of the dangers of using harmful chemicals on your lawn and garden. It is an area of concern as pesticides and fertilizers pose a hazard to humans and their pets, including cats. 

Cats love to be outside and wander around putting them at greater risk of being exposed to toxic substances. Cats not only love to eat grass, they pick up poisons on their paws and fur and then go onto ingest the chemicals when they begin to lick and groom themselves. The result of this exposure to chemicals can result in far more serious reactions affecting the cats’ internal organs and muscles. Cats may show symptoms such as breathing problems and gastrointestinal difficulties such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Keep in mind that some cats are more susceptible to these ills, not unlike the variable effects on human beings. Cats that are very young, old or already struggling with an illness are at higher risk of being affected by dangerous poisons. 

Even if you personally have chosen to use a safe, non-chemical approach to lawn care, your family and pets can still be exposed to lawn chemicals being applied to neighboring areas. It doesn’t take a major exposure to toxic substances to cause problems. 

-Use organic fertilizer Like Neptune’s Harvest Turf Formula or contact us at #603-501-9919 to schedule your lawn care treatment.

-Over-seed to encourage more grass to grow. Spread seeds especially in the spring and fall 

-Mow high (around 3 inches) to crowd out the weeds 

The basic natural strategy of composting your lawn, keeping the clippings on the grass and using correct watering techniques all promote a healthy environment for your cats, all pets, and family members. There are many natural, organic products that are safer for your cat and other pets that additionally are environmentally friendly, hopefully, an area that is an important issue for all of us.[wysija_form id=”2″]

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