Start with the Soil

The snow is completely gone now and spring/summer is trying to arrive, which means it is time to think about the soil.

Start with the soil

Shouldn’t we first start to

think about greening our grass? Well, no, because it starts with the soil. Think about your lawn like your house. If all you do is repaint the exterior of your house without ever addressing the plumbing and electrical issues that persist, you are going to be in a world of hurt. You need to build up the infrastructure of your house to really take the best care of it–and this same thinking applies to your lawn.

Currently, the soil is probably pretty cold and not yet at 55 degrees, which is optimal for biological life to begin to retake its foothold beneath your grass. A healthy soil supports a large and active population of microscopic, beneficial organisms. Healthy soil should be free of compaction, pesticides and other toxins and it should contain a proper balance of organic matter and nutrients.

Why should soil matter to me?

We don’t want to be overly dramatic here, but the answer is ‘everything.’ The life in your soil is related to the microbial life on your skin and in your stomach. In fact, there is substantial research that shows that natural environmental biodiversity has beneficial health effects on children and adults. High diversity in the vegetation on the earth around your home has been correlated with higher diversity of personal skin ‘microbiota’ and lower rates of skin allergies.

Yes, we all want a green lawn–but if you are using toxins or synthetic fertilizers you are actually killing the biodiversity of life in your soil, which negatively impacts you. It affects your kids and the elderly even worse, as they are less resistant to disease.

Okay, so we mislead you a little and did not talk about how to start working with your soil. Stay tuned to our next blog where we will provide some pointers and things to keep in mind?

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