Hose End Liquid Sprayer


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Hudson 2102 Liquid Sprayer


We recommend this liquid sprayer for use anywhere in your landscape. It works well with the thicker Neptune’s Harvest liquid amendments.


The Hudson 2102 Liquid Sprayer offers 12 application/dilution rate settings. It also has 3 spray patterns: Bullet Spray for trees, high places and tough rinse jobs, Gentle Shower for flowers, delicate shrubs and roses, and Flat Spray for lawns and large areas. It comes equipped with a reusable 32oz hopper and center siphon straw. Its central siphon technology draws concentrate as needed, mixing it directly into to the stream. No water enters the hopper so there is a consistent amount of dilution.


Hudson Sprayer Instructions:

Before filling your new Hudson sprayer with fertilizer, please use the following checklist to ensure proper set-up:


  • Siphon Straw is securely placed in raised center hole on underside of lid.
  • Top Dial for dilution rate is in OFF position.
  • The Flow Switch found on handle is forward and in OFF position.
  • The Spray Selection wheel (front) has one of three options selected. You will hear a satisfying click as it seats itself in position.
  • Jar for holding liquid concentrate is securely fastened.
  • All connections from home-to-handle are secure.
    **With your Flow Switch still in OFF position turn the water spigot on.


Turning on the Hudson Sprayer Flow-Switch should provide an even flow without water squirting out the sides of the nozzle. While the water is running, turn the Dilution Dial (on top) to the 1 oz. setting.


Check the Holding Jar for rising water. Try using a different spray setting if you notice water entering via the siphon straw. “Backflow” of the Siphon Straw is caused by restricted flow at hose-end; most likely because your spray setting had not been properly seated. Backflow prohibits fertilizer from being introduced and contaminates the remaining product in your holding jar.


Ensuring adequate flow prior to selecting a dilution rate is a good way to avoid accidental contamination.


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