Fish Fertilizer – Pint



Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fish Fertilizer 2-4-1

Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fish Fertilizer contains all the micro- and macro- nutrients naturally found in fish! It is made from fresh North Atlantic fish by a unique cold process that protects the vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and growth hormones. The nitrogen and other nutrients are chelated, so they are readily available for plant consumption. Unlike fish emulsions, Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fish Fertilizer retains the fish proteins and oils and has no unpleasant odor. It is easy to use, and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, making the soil less compact and better able to drain and/or hold moisture, as needed.




For outdoor plants: use 1/8 cup (1 oz) per gal of water. Feed vegetables, flowers, trees & shrubs every 2-3 weeks. Apply until soil is saturated or as a foliar feed until leaves are wet, top & bottom. Note: it is best to foliar feed early or late in the day.


For lawns: mix 1 gal with sufficient water to cover 8,000 sq. ft. Feed monthly during growing season and again in the fall.


As a compost enhancer: use 1/4 cup (2 oz) per gal of water every 2-3 weeks.


Neptune’s Harvest is the leading manufacturer of fish hydrolysate fertilizers in the U.S. Their organic fertilizers have outperformed chemical fertilizers in University studies.




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