Crab Shell – 12 lb Pail



Neptune’s Harvest Organic Crab Shell Multi-Purpose Plant Food




Neptune’s Harvest Organic Crab Shell 2-3-0

We highly recommend Neptune’s Harvest Organic Crab Shell Multi-Purpose Plant Food to help control ants, grubs, fungus, and even weeds! Here’s why: it is high in Chitin (Kite-en), which promotes the growth of Chitin-eating bacteria in the soil. The exoskeletons of fungus and nematode eggs are also high in chitin. Organic Crab Shell creates a hostile environment for the fungus and nematodes by feeding the biological life that eats chitin and chitin-based organisms.


Neptune’s Harvest Organic Crab Shell is an excellent dry organic source of NPK, Calcium (23%) and Magnesium (1.33%), and can be applied with our Kelp Meal to increase organic matter and retain moisture in the soil.



For gardens, till the Crab Shell in as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring. For perennial crops, apply at the end of dormancy. Mix thoroughly with the soil or growing media, taking care not to apply in concentrated form directly to the roots. To apply as a soil conditioner for fruit groves, ornamental trees, lawns and turf, apply directly as a top dressing.


Neptune’s Harvest is the leading manufacturer of fish hydrolysate fertilizers in the U.S. Their organic fertilizers have outperformed chemical fertilizers in University studies.




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