BioPod Plus Black Soldier Fly Grub Composter




The new BioPodTM Plus is the latest breakthrough technology to hit the home composting market! Almost a decade of R&D, combined with thorough testing on 3 different continents, has produced the next generation of bioconversion units.


The BioPod Plus is a convenient way to recycle your kitchen scraps and restaurant leftovers into valuable live feed – an excellent choice for your fish, bullfrogs, turtles, lizards, chickens and even backyard songbird feeders. Utilizing the juvenile grub of the Black Soldier Fly, these devices are the most efficient way of bio-converting your food scraps into living biomass.



BioPod Plus Black Soldier Fly Grub Composter


Specs at a Glance:

  • 26.5” long x 15.5” wide x 16” tall
  • 10 gallon capacity (38 liters) of body
  • 294 in2 (1895 cm2) surface area
  • Empty unit weighs 8.6 lbs (3.9 kg)
  • 9 years of product development & testing
  • Made responsibly with pride in Texas, USA
  • Heavy duty, roto-molded construction
  • UV stabilized polypropylene plastic resin
  • 1 year warranty on parts and repair
  • 10-15 minute assembly


Uber-Fast Composting: 24-36 hours

While many compost bins can take 6-12 months to break down their contents into usable humus, the BioPodTM Plus eliminates most of your food scraps in as little as 1-2 days using a naturally occurring, beneficial organism traditionally found in many compost and worm bins. The BioPodTM Plus optimizes the instinctual abilities of this species, rapidly creating a live feed more valuable than ordinary compost.


The Future of Recycling: ProtaTM Composting

This enhanced form of composting is referred to as ProtaTM Composting, the method by which valuable molecules, specifically proteins and lipids, are recycled back into living feed in the form of usable biomass. The signature decomposer is Hermetia illucens, a harmless, native arthropod that does not sting, bite or transmit disease. The juvenile form of these robust recyclers is referred to as Soldier Grubs and the device in which they reside is called a Grub Composter.


Valuable Finished Products: 5:1 Production Rate

A working BioPodTM Plus can easily handle the daily food scraps produced by a large family – up to 5 lbs/day. It even digests manure. For every 100 lbs of kitchen scraps you will obtain approx. 5 lbs of friable castings, a few quarts of nutritious compost tea, and approx. 15-20 lbs of self-harvesting Soldier Grubs – which are the ultimate live food for fish, exotic pets, and poultry.


Complements Existing Compost & Worm Bins

The BioPodTM Plus is not designed for yard waste, but it will keep the critters out of your compost bin by diverting all the food scraps away from your active pile. The remaining compost mixture serves as the perfect worm bin food, allowing you to make voluminous quantities of nutritious vermi-castings faster than stand-alone

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