How to mow like a pro

Heidelberg Farms aims to provide you with organic and sustainable solutions so you can keep your yard looking its best, and so this week we are going to help you mow like a pro. One of the key components in a healthy yard is having beautiful and healthy grass. Many people believe grass care is a basic concept. However, there are a lot of indicators that can distinguish a healthy yard from a yard needing some tender, loving care. We have compiled a list to help you ‘mow like a pro’ so you can have a yard that your neighbors envy.

Mow like a pro
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Before you start mowing, make sure your mower blades are sharp. Dull blades can potentially lead to grass diseases and lawn discoloration. Dull blades can also pull the grass plant up instead of cutting the grass. This can make your lawn look patchy and uneven. Professionals recommend that you sharpen the lawn mower blades a few times each year and we recommend that you set your blades at 3 inches high.[wysija_form id=”2″]

The next tip to mow like a pro is to take on the mowing in a slow and steady pace. Haste can make it so the blades do not trim evenly, which leave you with clumps of grass and other debris. Moving too quickly can also lead to crooked lines. To mow the straightest lines possible, slow down and do not pay attention to the area near the blade. Focus your vision about ten feet in front of the mower. By doing this you will be able to notice when you start to veer off course.

Grass tends to lean and grow towards the direction it is cut. To assist your grass in growing straight, alternate the direction that you mow. Try to create perpendicular lines based off of your previous mowing route.

Most new mowers have the capability to mulch. Use this to your advantage. Mulching the grass clippings will put nutrients back into the soil. Your added bonus is there is no additional clean up, such as bagging.

Finally, do not cut more than a third of the grass blade off. Trimming back the grass blade too much can affect root development. However, things such as time of year, sunlight levels, and moisture amounts can all affect the ideal mowing height and the time it takes grass to recover from being overly trimmed.

Have questions about how to mow like a pro or need help with your yard? Call Heidelberg Farms at (603) 501-9919.

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