Defining “Organic” in Lawn Care

The term ‘organic’ is used all the time, but what is it? Here is a way to think about it when used with lawn care. It means not using chemicals at all. Simple, right? Well, there is more, so take a moment and follow along with us as we provide some key concepts regarding ‘organic’ when applied to lawn care management.

Biodiversity of Grasses
Biodiversity is a huge concept for organic lawn care management. It starts with the actual grass we plant. Did you know there are numerous species of grass? Yes, it is true and combining several varieties of grass together is important to promote biodiversity. It can also promote a stronger, healthier-looking lawn.

Beneficial Organisms and Plants
Most homeowners want to eliminate insects throughout their property, but pesticides can cause serious damage to grass and plants. Pesticides also kill beneficial organisms that can naturally aid in your goals. You then use more chemicals and perpetuate an unsustainable cycle.

There are things, however, a homeowner can do to support the colonization of beneficial organisms. Heidelberg Farms can help and we can even advise you over the phone.

The term ‘organic’ also applies to the types of plants we put into a homeowner’s landscape. Native plants are crucial to the environment. They evolved here and contribute to the overall health of the local ecosystem.

Are you selecting plants that are best suited to the climate of this region? Those tags you see in plants that indicate as such can often be misleading. A plant is not just a plant. Rather, it is a cog in a larger wheel of which humans, animals, insects and other organisms are part.

The Takeaway
While the term ‘organic‘ most definitely means no chemicals, it also refers to keeping everything as local as possible with an eye toward promoting biodiversity. Biodiversity is the natural state of the environment, which is not something the bog box stores exactly what you to follow with their chemical programs.

There are no easy fixes for the environment–but with patience and science-based strategies, we can create landscapes around our homes that are beautiful, lush and sustainable. Call us at (603) 501-9919 to learn more.

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